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International History Workshop 2022-2023

Dear colleagues,

We are excited to welcome you to the Spring 2023 events of the Columbia International History Workshop. We will meet on Wednesdays from 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM (EST), in Room #513, Fayerweather Hall unless noted otherwise. (Note that our meeting time has changed!)

If you would like to attend, kindly RSVP by filling out this form. You will receive a confirmation message with the paper attached. In accordance with Columbia’s covid-19 policy, all visitors must meet vaccine requirements (i.e., to have the first course of vaccination) and provide evidence to the event organizers.

We will send an email with a reminder about each workshop. If you wish to be added to our mailing list, please let us know.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop! With all best wishes,

Seokju, Janina, and Ifadha

Spring 2023

Date Time Name Title
Jan. 25 2PM Gretchen Heefner (Northeastern) “Fat Men Need More Water than Thin Men” and Other Lessons from Wartime Desert Training
Feb. 1 2PM Isaac Nakhimovsky (Yale) Holy Alliance: The Liberal Idea of a Federal Europe, Introduction & Conclusion
Feb. 8 2PM Shobana Shankar (Stony Brook) Madras Cloth to Megachurches: World-Making between West Africa and India
Feb. 15 2PM Samia Khatun (SOAS) What is Nur? Rethinking Histories of the Cotton Industry in Colonial Bengal
Feb. 22 2PM Laura Yan (Columbia) “For the Sake of Racial Emancipation”: Port Workers’ Boycotts and Strikes in Singapore, 1938-1948.
Mar. 1 2PM Ariel Ron (SMU) Toward a History of the Associative-Developmental State
Mar. 8 No Meeting
Mar. 15 Spring Break
Mar. 22 No Meeting
Mar. 29 2PM Maya Mikdashi (Rutgers) TBD
Apr. 5 2PM Iain McDaniel (Sussex) Democracy, Caesarism and the History of Humanity: G. F. Kolb and the Politics of Nineteenth-Century Cultural History
Apr. 12 2PM Fahad Bishara (UVA) TBD
Apr. 19 2PM Angelo Caglioti (Barnard) The Lake Tana Dam Project: For an International Environmental History of Mussolini’s Invasion of Ethiopia, 1925-1935
Apr. 26 2PM Joseph Leidy (Brown) Populists and Protestants: Sectarianism from the Middle in Late Ottoman Syria


Thanks to our sponsors:
The Center for International History and The Department of History.