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International History Workshop 2022-2023

Dear colleagues,

We are excited to welcome you back after the summer break and to announce the AY 2022-2023 schedule of the International History Workshop. We will meet on Wednesdays from 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM (EST), in Room #513, Fayerweather Hall unless noted otherwise.

If you would like to attend, kindly RSVP by filling this form. You will receive a confirmation message with the paper attached. In accordance with Columbia’s covid-19 policy, all visitors must meet vaccine requirements (i.e., to have the first course of vaccination) and provide evidence to the event organizers.

We will send an email with a reminder about each workshop. If you wish to be added to our mailing list, please let us know.

Our next meeting will be a presentation by Kaete O’Connell (Yale) on Wednesday, November 9th, from 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM. The title of the paper is “Spilt Milk and Slaughtered Hogs: The Optics of a Hard Peace, May-December, 1945”; it is a chapter from O’Connell’s book project, Tasting Freedom: U.S. Occupied Germany and the Origins of Cold War Food Diplomacy. Lunch will not be served.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop! With all best wishes,

Seokju, Janina, and Ifadha


Fall 2022

Date Time Name Title
Sep. 28 Noon Sean Case (Boston University) Bridging the Balance, Designing the Peace: The Strategic Field in the Age of Strategic Thinking

A chapter from the dissertation-in-progress, “To Balance the World: The Development of the United States’ National Interest, 1935-1967”

Oct. 5 Noon Nicholas Glastonbury (CUNY) Echoes from the Vanishing Archive: Sonic Inscriptions and the Privatization of Soviet Kurdish History

A chapter from the dissertation-in-progress, “Radio Free Kurdistan: Cold War Durabilities and the Afterlives of Sound”

Oct. 12 Noon Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins (Wesleyan) Possible Peace: On the Young Raymond Aron’s Early Vision of a European Federation:1926 to 1936

A chapter from the book project, Impossible Peace, Improbable War: Raymond Aron and World Order

Oct. 19 Noon Susannah Glickman (Columbia) Moore’s Law, Roadmapping, and the New Industrial Policy

A chapter from the dissertation-in-progress, “Quantum, Tech, and Neoclassical Governance”

Oct. 26 Noon David Ekbladh (Tufts) Plowshares into Swords: Weaponized Knowledge, Liberal Order, and the League of Nations

Discussant: Sam Coggeshall (Columbia)

Nov. 2 Noon Jacques Oberson (UN Library & Archives, Geneva) “Discover UN Archives Geneva”

* This is an online event.

Nov. 9 Noon Kaete O’Connell (Yale) Spilt Milk and Slaughtered Hogs: The Optics of a Hard Peace, May – December, 1945

A chapter from the book project, Tasting Freedom: U.S. Occupied Germany and the Origins of Cold War Food Diplomacy

Nov. 16 Noon No Meeting
Nov. 23 University Holiday (Thanksgiving)
Nov. 30 Nadya Sbaiti (Georgetown Qatar) TBD
Dec. 7 Noon Sascha Auerbach   (Nottingham) “They Must Know Their Master, and He Must Know Them”: Labor Control and Imperial Sovereignty in British Southeast Asia, 1867-1890


Spring 2023

Date Time Name Title
Jan. 25 Noon Gretchen Heefner (Northeastern) Into the Ice: U.S. Military Engineering and the Secrets of the Greenland Ice Cap

A chapter from the book project, Sand, Snow, and Stardust: U.S. Military Engineers and the Secrets of the Environmental Extremes

Feb. 1 Noon Isaac Nakhimovsky (Yale) TBD
Feb. 8 Noon Shobana Shankar (Stony Brook) TBD
Feb. 15 Noon Samia Khatun (SOAS) TBD
Feb. 22 Noon Laura Yan (Columbia) “For the Sake of Racial Emancipation”: Port Workers’ Boycotts and Strikes in Singapore, 1938-1948

A chapter from the dissertation-in-progress, “Making a Country Out of a Harbor”: Everyday Life in the Port of Singapore, 1945-1979″

Feb. 29 No Meeting
Mar. 1 Noon Ariel Ron (SMU) Toward a History of the Associative-Developmental State
Mar. 8 Noon Samin Rashidbeigi (Princeton) The Blood-seller and His Necessary Body

A chapter from the dissertation-in-progress, “State of Blood: Transfusion Science, the Urban Poor, and the Making of the Modern Donor in Iran”

Mar. 15 Spring Break
Mar. 22 No Meeting
Mar. 29 Noon Maya Mikdashi (Rutgers) TBD
Apr. 5 Noon Iain McDaniel (Sussex) TBD
* Venue subject to change
Apr. 12 Noon TBD TBD
Apr. 19 Noon Julia Martinez (Woollongong) TBD
Apr. 26 Noon Joseph Leidy (Brown) Populists and Protestants: Sectarianism from the Middle in Late Ottoman Syria



Thanks to our sponsors:
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