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International History Workshop 2018-19

We are excited to announce the fall lineup for the International History Workshop!

All IHW meetings will run from 12:00-1:00 in 513 Fayerweather, and lunch will be served.

We look forward to seeing you this semester!

Best wishes,

Sam Coggeshall, Joslyn DeVinney, Isobel Plowright, and Rohan Shah

Fall 2018

September 19 – Bernhard Struck (St. Andrews) – “Did Prussia have an Atlantic History? The Partitions of Poland-Lithuania, the French Colonisation of Guyana, and Climates in the Caribbean, c.1760s-1780s”

September 26 – Aaron Benanav (University of Chicago) – “The Construction of a Globally Operational Concept of Unemployment at the UN, 1945-1995”

October 3 – Amy Offner (University of Pennsylvania) – “Knowledge Without a Nation, Concepts Without a Discipline: The Case of Albert Hirschman”

October 10 – Jyoti Mohan (Morgan State University) – “Writing histories, appropriating pasts: how the French wrote India’s ‘history’”

October 24 – Andrew Liu (Villanova University) – Introduction to “Tea War: A History of Capitalism in China and India”

October 31 – Faith Hillis (University of Chicago) – “From Refugees to Terrorists: Émigré Dystopias and the Rise of the Security State”

November 7 – Kostis Karpozilos (Columbia University) – “Transnational Socialism within a Nation State: the un-Greekness of Greek Socialism (1910-1918)”

November 14 – Muriam Haleh Davis (UC Santa Cruz) – “Markets and Muslims: Planning for ‘Homo Economics’ during Algerian Decolonization”

November 28 – David Ekbladh (Tufts University) – “World History and Global Crisis: Internationalist Histories and US Globalism” – Cancelled

December 5 – Shireen Hamza (Harvard University) – “The Weight of Dreams: The Kābūs in the Medieval Indian Ocean World”

Thanks to our sponsors:
The Center for International History, ISERP, The Harriman Institute, and The Department of History