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International History Workshop 2017-18

We are excited to share the fall lineup for the International History Workshop. We look forward to seeing you every Wednesday in 513 Fayerweather from 12:00-1:00. Lunch will be served.
Best wishes,
Sam Coggeshall, Lotte Houwink ten Cate, Joslyn DeVinney, and Roy Bar Sadeh

Fall 2017

September 13 – Mana Kia, Assistant Professor of Indo-Persian Studies at Columbia, “Historicizing Origins: Early Modern Persianate Culture between Iran and India”

September 20– Usama Rafi, PhD Candidate at U Chicago, “Representing difference, representing equality: IQ testing and American Missionaries’ efforts against caste discrimination in colonial India”

September 27 – Nadirah Mansour, PhD candidate at Princeton, “The Emergence of the ‘Global’ in the Arabic Language Press”

October 4 – Mark Mazower, Professor of History at Columbia, Special session on What You Did Not Tell (2017) and writing family history

October 11 – Ryan Jones, Associate Professor of History at University of Oregon, “The Soviet Anthropocene: Whale Science and the Imagination of Catastrophe”

October 18 – Adam Mestyan, Assistant Professor of History at Duke, “Law, Dynasty, and Islam in Arab Monarchies, 1860s-1930s”

October 25 – Faridah Zaman, Post Doc at University of Chicago, “The Past as Sediment. Muslim Political Thought and its Historiographical Burdens”

November 1 – Mia (Michal) Schatz, PhD Candidate at U Penn, on the European context and prehistory of the rupture between the British New Left and the French Nouvelle Gauche, title tbd

November 8 – no meeting

November 15 – Transnational history in Yiddish with Miriam Schultz, PhD Candidate in Yiddish at Columbia (Holocaust memory in the Soviet Union), and Ula Madej-Krupitski, PhD Candidate in History at Berkeley (leisure travels of Polish Jews within the Interwar Period)

November 29 – Jamie Martin, Assistant Professor of History at Georgetown, “The ‘Ottomanization’ of Europe: The Politics of International Financial Control in the 1920s”

December 6 – Nasser Zakariya, Professor in Rhetoric at Berkeley, title tbd. Organized together with the Intellectual History Seminar at NYU.

Confirmed speakers for the Spring include: Shobana Shankar, Carla Nappi, Jeffers Lennox, Marek Eby, David Atkinson, Barbara Cooper, Kristen Loveland, and Vera Candiani